Ian  S.  Bott

Writer and artist

Firenzi heavy battleship Admiral George Leonard

Admiral George Leonard is an Enforcer-class heavy battleship. The Enforcers are the mainstay of the Firenzi Family navy. All ships of the class follow the same basic body plan, with some variations in detail.
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General arrangements


The ship’s frame consists of four longitudinal keels arranged in an upper and lower pair, with horizontal and vertical members between them forming a series of boxes. The keel boxes divide the ship up along its length into three pairs of docking bays, alternating with living and machinery spaces. Main crew accommodation is in the prow of the ship, forward of dock 1. Main power and drive machinery occupies machinery spaces fore and aft of dock 2, with hangars aft of dock 3.


The upper decks are given over to storage, with tanked storage (air, water, and fuel) lying between the upper keels. Lower decks contain ship’s services (waste processing and environmental support) as well as maintenance.


The main machinery sections hold two identical sets of plant. In each set, main power generation lies midships consisting of five quark fusion generators. The power plant is flanked either side by primary and secondary drive units. Each set is capable of powering and driving the ship, albeit at reduced capacity.

The rear hangar has docking cradles for 3 heavy transports, 20 light to medium craft, and up to 40 single seat fighters on docking ledges. The hangar is usually operated unpressurized, with air locks and docking tunnels giving access to craft. The hangar can be pressurized to a low but breathable pressure for maintenance, but normal hangar operations need to be suspended so this is done only rarely.


The six paired docking bays are designed to take a variety of payloads: particle beam batteries, plasma cannons, cargo, or additional hangar space. The arrangement allows payloads to be swapped out and upgraded as new technology emerges, without affecting the ship’s core.


In Shayla’s time, Admiral George Leonard is equipped with the most common payload for a general-purpose battle platform - six pairs of 200PW particle beams, with each pair angled one up and one down 30 degrees to the horizontal to provide broad coverage at low power, and a concentrated broadside beam on.