Ian  S.  Bott

Writer and artist

Published books

Master assassin Shayla Carver has killed many times. That's what assassins do, nothing to lose sleep over, but this mission is different.

She's never killed a whole planet before.
Shayla Carver, master assassin (retired) and planetary governor, has made more enemies than an Imperial tax collector. To atone for her murderous past, she’s now exiled and tasked with rebuilding her home planet, a planet which was burned to ashes many years before. But deadly ghosts from her past haunt her every step, and suddenly even her own survival is the least of Shayla’s worries.
The virtual world comes alive and reaches out into the real world with deadly results. University professor and devout technophobe, Charles Hawthorne, confronts technology full on to end the hidden threat to humanity.
Even amongst friends a detailed critique can be hard to take, but blunt and honest critiques are a necessary growth pain for any writer. Venturing into the anonymous jungle of online critique groups in search of tough love is both terrifying and exponentially rewarding. The Critique Survival Guide shares practical tips for surviving - and thriving on - the harshest of critiquing experiences.

Work in progress

The Long Dark

Set on a world with a long year and an extreme axial tilt, giving it Earth-years-long summer in one hemisphere, while the other endures a glacial winter. The colonists scratch a living harvesting materials from its globe-spanning plant super-organism, while being robbed blind by a corrupt corporation that controls all shipping to and from the world. A radical drug discovery, only produced during the winter months, promises to buy them independence. Trouble is, the Company got there first ...

Status: First draft written.

Breaking the Block

What writer hasn’t felt the yawning emptiness of that page, mocking, and remaining stubbornly blank? Writer’s block fills writers with dread because it feels impassable, something we just have to accept and wait for inspiration to strike. But we needn’t be passive victims of writer’s block. We can strike back with a combination of self-awareness and a suitable kit of tools. This booklet provides a collection of approaches to keep the words flowing.

Status: First draft written.