Ian  S.  Bott

Writer and artist

Behind the scenes...

What goes into the making of a book? The words that end up on the page are just the tip of the iceberg. Beneath the surface, there's a ton of material that never makes it directly onto the printed page.
  • Worldbuilding notes that describe a fictional world - maps, plans, history, culture ... everything needed to flesh out the story world and bring it to life.
  • Real world research into topics needed to make the story convincing.
  • Trivia related to the writing of the story.
Follow these links to explore some of the material behind the scenes.
Worldbuilding from
The Long Dark.

Worldbuilding notes, facts and trivia from Ghosts of Innocence.

>> Visit Shayla's world
Facts, trivia, and some of the research that went into Tiamat's Nest.

>> Visit Tiamat's world
Rough worldbuilding sketches from the writing process.

>> Background sketches
Notes and works in progress.