Ian  S.  Bott

Writer and artist

Background sketches

A collection of rough hand-drawn sketches that form a large part of my worldbuilding process. You will find that most of these sketches are not only rough but incomplete. For worldbuilding purposes, I generally only flesh out enough detail to guide the story. Contrast these with the more complete and polished drawings on the other pages. Producing those images was not necessary for the writing process, but was a satisfying activity in its own right.
Shayla's world - Ghosts of Innocence
The Imperial home planet, Magentis. This is where the first half of Ghosts of Innocence takes place.
Chensing Province, on Magentis, where the initial action takes place.
The temple town of Hawflun on Magentis.
The Mosaic Palace on Magentis, seat of Imperial government.

This is the original sketch for Ghosts of Innocence.

A later version of the Mosaic Palace, updated with details needed for Wrath of Empire.

The mining moon, Jemiyal, where Ghosts of Innocence concludes.
Starhopper Chantry Bay, from the opening scene of Ghosts of Innocence.
Imperial heavy cruiser Merciless.
The Ashes of Home
Shayla's original home planet, Eloon, where much of the action in The Ashes of Home takes place.
The site of the old Eloon capital of Torremis, where the new immigration center is built.
The landing field, immigration, and administration complex overlooking the old Eloon capital.
The island of Sherrin, on Eloon. Site of Shayla's childhood home, and of the new prison.
The heavily-fortified new prison complex on Eloon, where Shayla's unwanted guests are held.
The planting projects and work camps around Scale, on Eloon.