Ian  S.  Bott

Writer and artist

The Workshop

Here is where I post sneak previews of work going on behind the scenes as it happens.
The Ashes of Home
Imperial fast torpedo frigate Vixen. Without giving away plot spoilers, Shayla spends a fairly brief time imprisoned on Vixen before things go from bad to worse :)

This plan is almost complete. It is my first serious iDraw project, and one I used to compare the capabilities of iDraw with those of Visio, which was used to depict Merciless (shown elsewhere on this site).

Click on the image for a closer look.
This is the first iDraw project that I can claim to be complete. The floor plans of the Governor's Residence on Eloon, where a lot of the initial action takes place.
And below is the half-finished schematic of the ancient Firenzi battleship Admiral George Leonard, which Shayla infiltrates. This is the most ambitious iDraw project I've attempted so far. Click on each image for a closer look.